God Of War’s Massive New Game Plus Mode Is Coming This Month


Most previous God of War games had some form of New Game+, but the new PS4 game has lacked the feature.

All things considered, it's great to see Santa Monica Studio following through with yet another solid piece of post-launch support for God of War, as director Cory Barlog initially wasn't promising New Game Plus would even make it into the title.

About a couple of months ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment provided good news for God of War fans who had already beaten the game and were craving more out of the action-adventure epic by confirming that the PlayStation 4 exclusive would be getting a New Game Plus mode. New Game+ unlocks after you finish the regular game once, as you might expect. You can set it to the same difficulty or choose a new one. But perhaps NG+ will allow players to bypass or quickly get through entire sections with equipment and skills they shouldn't have. As for what else will be included in this update, Santa Monica Studios stated that there will be new gear, resources, more hard enemies with "trick up their sleeves", and the ability to now skip through cinematics - but seriously though, who would do that?

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Sony Santa Monica says that enemies will be higher level, and that some enemies will approach combat with new strategies and abilities. You can use new customization options to upgrade your gear, and use it to take on tougher enemies. Only within a New Game Plus playthrough, you'll be able to access a new rarity level and upgrade your armor by collecting a new resource called "Skap Slag".

The update is the biggest one God of War has ever received, the developers said, and it's will be released on August 20. Another note: the new cinematic skip option is unlockable for normal games, not just New Game+ - all you need to do is clear the game once.