Facebook's Messenger Games are about to make video chat super competitive


The WSJ article stated that in order to introduce new services in Facebook Messenger, the firm is asking US banks to share sensitive financial information of users, including account balances and payment card transactions.

However, Facebook said that users must opt in to linking the Messenger chat app to their bank accounts.

The multiplayer video chat AR games allow you to play with up to six people at a time, making the gaming experience much more interactive and social, claims Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is looking to expand into financial services and has reportedly asked several USA banks for customer information as part of a move to build out its Messenger application, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Other new games that will be released at a later date include Beach Bump where you pass a beach ball back and forth, plus Kitten Kraze which is a match cat game. Today, Facebook has officially launched their first two AR video chat games that the user can play while chatting.

It's all part of Facebook's broader bid to jump on the AR bandwagon (think iPhone's Animojis and Snapchat's AR filters) and to keep you using its apps for longer.

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To try out the games, Facebook said you need to have the latest version of Messenger installed.

The second game, Asteroids Attack, sees a spaceship placed on your nose that you must protect from falling asteroids by swerving around.

"Don't Smile" is a game that uses the front-facing camera of each device using Facebook Messenger to identify when a user gets a grin on their face.

There are multiple games available on the Video Chat.

With apps like Skype and WhatsApp, the video chat market is extremely saturated; not to mention the fact that all iPhone users have Facetime built into their phones. There are two AR titles to choose from right out of the gate, which begin availability today, according to Facebook's official announcement on Wednesday.