At Least Four Killed In Canada Shooting, Say Police


Fredericton police say at least four people have died in a shooting, and one suspect is in custody.

Fredericton Police confirmed on Twitter that "at least four people killed" in the incident.

Earlier Friday morning, police were asking people in the area to stay inside with their doors locked, and not to post information on social media about the position or activities of police. The cause of shooting in the capital of New Brunswick province was not immediately known.

"Fredericton Police are responding Brookside Drive area".

Police continue to have the Brookside area contained for the foreseeable future as the investigation is ongoing.

They also asked people in the area to stay inside and to lock their doors.

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Some residents say they heard the gunshots just after 7am, and more fired since. "It was sort of like a pop, pop, pop, pop", Mr DiDiodato said.

About five minutes later, he could hear similar noises near his home.

A second tweet shortly afterwards added: "Due to the volume of calls, please refrain from calling the police station directly, and in case of emergency continue to call 9-1-1".

Armed police as well as paramedics are at the scene.

Last month, a gunman walked down a busy Toronto street, killing two people and wounding 13 before turning his gun on himself.