Unveiling of provincial buck a beer scheme expected today


Today Premier Doug Ford is expected to reveal the provincial government's buck-a-beer plan.

Currently, the retail price floor sits at $1.25 and while brewers won't be mandated to lower prices, the "Buck-a-Beer Challenge" encourages Ontario brewers to "receive LCBO promotional considerations such as limited-time discounts, in-store displays on end aisles and shelf extenders, or advertising in LCBO flyers and newspaper inserts".

It was one of Mr. Ford's signature campaign promises during the spring election, and on Tuesday the Ford government announced it was going ahead with a plan to lower the minimum price of a bottle or can of beer to $1 from the current $1.25.

The move will have no effect on the province's $589-million in revenue from beer and alcohol taxes, Finance Minister Vic Fedeli said.

Beer fans across Ontario can officially start counting down the days until the return of "Buck-a-Beer", the popular $1-per-beer price floor that delighted people across Ontario until it was cancelled when the previous government abruptly introduced new beer price regulations.

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The opposition leader also questioned why Ford is cutting planned welfare rate hikes and the basic income pilot project and focusing on buck-a-beer. "I think beer is overprice in Canada, especially in Toronto".

"These product placements or advertisements. have monetary value", she said. It's up to brewers to actually pass down the savings of $1 beer to consumers.

"Is this the premier's priority?"

While that sounds insanely cheap, note that for the last 10 years, the minimum price for beer was only $1.25.

The Liberals raised the minimum price after being lobbied by major breweries, documents have shown. "We believe in our brands, take pride in our quality and firmly feel that are current prices are very fair", the brewery wrote. Ford would not confirm or deny the reports, saying only that an announcement would come later.