Police order crowd dispersal after projectiles thrown at protesters in US


The rally was organized by Joey Gibson, leader of right-wing leaning group Patriot Prayer.

Eder Campuzano was bloodied Saturday afternoon but said in a Tweet published on the newspaper's website that he was "okay" and was going to get evaluated.

The police ordered the crowd to disperse after antifa started throwing projectiles. There are plenty of videos on the internet of people violently engaging with the Proud Boys, and one of the most notable acts of violence this past weekend in Portland was when a journalist was struck by a glass bottle allegedly thrown by a counter protester.

The protests have become increasingly violent; the group's previous Portland rally on June 30 was determined to be a "riot" by the city of Portland after protesters reportedly charged and physically assaulted anti-fascist counterprotesters.

Anyone who was injured or was the victim of a crime during Saturday's demonstrations is asked to contact police at 503-823-3333.

Portland police say they'll be checking for weapons to ensure anyone who is armed has an OR concealed handgun license.

FOX 12 reached out to police for more information about the injuries that were reported, but have not heard back.

Hundreds of demonstrators faced them from across the street, holding banners and signs with opposition messages such as "Alt right scum not welcome in Portland".

Gibson told supporters they had to be united. Two previous events ended in bloody fistfights and riots, and one counter-protester was sent to the hospital with a skull fracture.

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Thousands gather for a rally by two far-right groups on August 4, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. The far-right group Proud Boys are closely aligned with Gibson and extremists have been attracted to the Republican Senate candidate, including the white supremacist that allegedly killed two people in Portland past year.

Griffin accused the "largely racist" police force of lying about Antifa involvement in the clashes between protesters in Portland. Officers were also confiscating items that could be used as weapons, including flag poles and homemade shields.

Meanwhile, due to the events at the park, officers were only responding to emergency service calls, the bureau said. Patriot Prayer also has held rallies in many other cities around the U.S. West, including Berkeley, California, that have drawn violent reactions. Portland bans loaded firearms in the city without a concealed carry permit or other exemption, and the Portland Police Bureau staged weapon screening locations near the entrance to Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

Following the police order to disperse, Portland's branch of the Democratic Socialists of America pinned blame on officers, saying on Twitter that "a little bit before 2 PM all seemed normal in the crowd". Oregon Live reported that a large police presence kept the two groups separated during the rally, though police reported collecting weapons from both sides.

Organizers say that while Patriot Prayer denies being a white supremacist group, it affiliates itself with known white supremacists, white nationalists and neo-Nazi gangs.

Saldaña suggested that an opposing event in a different part of town could be a more effective counter-protest.

The counter-protesters were made up of a coalition of labor unions, immigrant rights advocates, democratic socialists and other groups.

Saturday's clashes were the most recent of several this year in the city as right-wing militants converged, met by counter-protesters, including members of anti-fascist, or "antifa", groups.