Minecraft Movie Delayed, Rob McElhenney Drops Out As Director


TheWrap reports that director and co-writer Rob McElhenney has walked out of the project, though the reasons for this move are now unknown. "No, that is not happening", McElhenney told the outlet - though it's unclear exactly what question they asked him.

After dropping out of the project, McElhenney and Fuchs have reportedly been replaced by the writer-director duo Aaron and Adam Nee, known for collaborating on the 2015 crime comedy movie Band of Robbers.

McElhenney, meanwhile, is now working on an untitled sitcom pilot with collaborator Rob Rossell.

Warner Bros.' Minecraft movie has been delayed following the loss of Rob McElhenney (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), who was attacked as director and co-writer of the project.

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Before it was acquired by Microsoft, Mojang began receiving offers from numerous Hollywood producers for both Minecraft TV shows and movies as early as 2012.

Aaron and Adam Nee are also attached to write and direct The Masters of the Universe for Sony.

This also means that the May 24, 2019 date has been pushed back, although a new release date has not yet been announced. A new release date has not been provided. This is purportedly the third director swap since the project's beginning. The Movie is now the latest one with problems, following Warner Bros. acquisition of Detective Pikachu.

Minecraft is based on the 2009 hit video game, in which players create their own worlds using textured, 3D cubes.