LeBron James adds Showtime documentary to TV portfolio


James and Maverick Carter's busy SpingHill Entertainment and Gotham Chopra are producing the series, which was originally announced more than a year ago - before Ingraham in February on her Fox News primetime show suggested James and Kevin Durant and other pro athletes "shut up and dribble" rather than weigh in on social and political issues.

National Basketball Association star LeBron James is teaming up with Showtime to produce a three-part documentary series on the role of athletes in America's current cultural climate, the network said Monday.

The three-part series will track the NBA's growth and history, beginning with the 1976 NBA-ABA merger. The series is due to premiere in October.

The statement comes after Mr. Trump mocked Mr. James on Twitter following a re-airing of his interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon, in which he accused the president of dividing the country. Trump called Lemon the "dumbest man on television" in response to the James interview, and even though Lemon acknowledged that Trump has called lots of people stupid before, the CNN host made note of how often Trump insults the intelligence of people of color who criticize him. "[Is] he's kinda used sports to kinda divide us, and that's something that I can't relate to".

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"What I've noticed over the past few months", Mr. James said.

It's not the first time that Trump has individually targeted a sports player for a personal attack. I got an opportunity to see them and learn about them, and they got the opportunity to learn about me.

As soon as he picked up a basketball, Bronny was never going to be just another kid playing the sport he loved, he was always going to be viewed as LeBron James' son no matter what.