France to ban smartphones in schools


The legislation stems from a promise in President Emmanuel Macron's election campaign.

The ban on smartphones and other gadgets in the school will apply to students up to the age of 14-15 and will go into effect in the new academic session commencing this September.

Le Monde-the French newspaper reported that the devices would only be permitted to students who have got some disability or would be allowed for educational reasons only.

He argued that a 2010 law, which disallowed such devices from being used in class, was not strong enough, the report said. Lawmakers voted in favor of the decision 62-1 on Monday.

Schools may make exceptions for use in teaching, extra-curricular activities, or for disabled pupils.

But Macron's La République En Marche party said the total ban on phones at school meant children would now have a legal "right to disconnect". Schools with students older than 15 can choose whether to impose a phone ban.

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High school teachers and administrators are still offered the choice to adopt the ban themselves or opt for a less draconian method of keeping "bad mobile phone use" under control.

However, some politicians were less welcoming of the new law, with some abstaining from the vote altogether. However, the law lets the students use the mobile phones between the classes, but not during the class.

The details of how to enforce the ban have yet to be made clear.

The amount is set in the hope that it's high enough to scare people from behaving in this way, but not so high that they couldn't pay you straight away if they were caught (otherwise it would become even more hard to enforce).

Companies in other sectors have also warned they might move operations out of Britain, which could prove a boon for economies on the continent.