Apple takes an axe to its App Affiliate Program


The change means that people will no longer receive commission for iOS and Mac apps. As of October 1, no commission will be paid at all as Apple says the App Store does a good enough job of increasing app discovery. The company had rolled out a revamped iOS App Store with iOS 11, and is working on a new Mac App Store in macOS Mojave.

APPLE HAS TAKEN action to rein in its App Store Affiliate Program, in a move that is alleged to have brought one company to the brink of collapse. Initially, the program was launched to give affiliates 7% of any app purchase but they dropped the cut to 2.5% in April a year ago.

Last year, Apple cut the affiliate rate for commissions made in the program from seven percent to 2.5 percent. Apple claims that the modifications to the iOS and Mac App Stores have ensured more methods of driving app discovery. The Cupertino based conglomerate said that it will completely remove iOS and macOS apps from its iTunes Affiliate Programme starting October 1.

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For more information on commission rates, please see our Commissions and Payments page on the Affiliate Resources site.

Apple originally provided a seven percent affiliate rate for apps promoted through the iTunes Affiliate Program, although the company dropped that rate past year to 2.5 percent for in-app purchases, while reconsidering a decision to do the same for app purchases after publishers pushed back on the idea. With the commission abolished entirely, its only the other stuff such as e-books, movies music and such that they would be relying on for their revenue. The company, however, clarified other contents such as e-books, music, movies and TV titles had been kept out of the above move.