YouTube’s dark mode is finally making its way to Android


YouTube's dark mode is now finally available for Android users after first coming to the iOS version of the app.

Now, Android users are beginning to get the feature on their apps. Whether they choose to turn it off then or leave it enabled, the dark theme can be toggled on or off by going into the app's settings menu.

The dark theme option started appearing on Android devices as we headed into last weekend.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Like dark mode for iOS and the web version of YouTube, the Android version allows you to change the white backdrop into a dark color and select their profile header. There, just beneath the "Remind me to take a break" feature, is where the new Dark theme toggle sits.

9to5Google reports that the feature began rolling out yesterday, notifying users with a prompt. But it's possible that you might have to wait a bit, as Google hasn't announced the rollout, and only seems to have made it available to a limited number of users at present.

YouTube is the world's most popular streaming service. Perhaps the biggest impact is on the video page, where the video player is now black before it fully loads.

The dark mode is automatically appearing on some people's YouTube apps, and some are saying that they've seen a notice about it pop up on the bottom of their screen. We can only hope that the feature hits everyone sooner than later, but we all know how Google likes to toy with our emotions.