Elton John and Prince Harry launch bid to ‘smash’ AIDS stigma


In a sharp tirade at the second day of a major conference, John, a seasoned AIDS campaigner, gave voice to years of frustration and spoke of the plight of gays oppressed in many nations. We need to make that permanent.

As the quest for better treatment continues, scientists reported worrying cases of birth defects among women using a promising new drug.

Prince Harry and Sir Elton John have teamed up for a new initiative to tackle AIDS, more than two decades after Princess Diana lead the way in fighting stigma surrounding to the disease.

"In Eastern Europe and Central Asia new infections have increased 30 per cent since 2010", International AIDS Society (IAS) president Linda-Gail Bekker said in the Dutch capital.

An accompanying editorial says Dr. Ruprecht has "set off a new wave in evaluating the activity of IgM antibodies in neutralizing HIV-1.[and she and her group] have largely broadened the horizon of neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies, which, as single or combined agents, may be used for HIV-1 prevention and treatment".

Under PrEP, anti-HIV medication originally used in the treatment of infected patients is administered to healthy individuals in order to prevent infection. To have a black gospel choir, a multiracial bride, a black cellist, who was wonderful, a preacher - it felt like a party, and it felt like progress had been made.

HIV/AIDS remains one of the world's most significant public health challenges. Nearly half of them - 35.4 million - have died of AIDS.

An estimated 36.7 million adults and children worldwide have HIV, including at least 88,800 in the United Kingdom and around one million in the US.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with Sir Elton John
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with Sir Elton John

According to UNAIDS, some 1.8 million people were newly infected with AIDS past year.

The foundation is showcasing results in sub-Saharan Africa, where an LGBT fund helps communities cope with being penalties and discrimination for being homosexual in their own countries.

Fear forces users onto the fringes of society and puts them at risk of infection by sharing soiled needles, then passing the virus on to their sexual partners.

According to a new UNAIDS report, 47 per cent of new HIV infections globally affect key vulnerable populations, such as sex workers, and people who inject drugs.

The meeting saw an address by UNAIDS head Michel Sidibe interrupted by women protesting what they called the "patriarchy machine". "I don't think there's been a country that we've worked in that it hasn't worked", added John, highlighting Ukraine, South Africa and England.

IgM has a high affinity for its antigens and "grabs them very quickly and does not let go", Ruprecht said.

John, who has seen loved ones die of AIDS, insisted the disease could be eliminated with political will.

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