Republicans Say Trump's Farmers Bailout Will Not Work


Perdue on Tuesday announced three new programs Tuesday to assist farmers and ranchers affected by the Trump administration's trade war with China and other partners.

In fields across the country and even in some Republicans offices in Washington, the reaction was similar: It's not enough. "So, the tariff policies that have been put in place by the administration are now causing them to invoke a welfare policy for our farmers, which I'm sure is not what they wish", Corker said.

But the foreign minister of Germany, Europe's biggest economy, said Tuesday that the continent "will not be threatened by President Trump". China has struck back with duties on soybeans and pork, affecting Midwest farmers in a region of the country that supported the president in his 2016 campaign. "So we have to reduce prices down to where they were prior to the tariff", Sandison said.

While the economic backstops are widely popular in rural states, some anti-spending Republicans and urban Democrats have said they unfairly prop up agribusinesses at taxpayers' expense. Soybean prices have plunged 18 percent in the past two months.

"Not many people would like it if they took $50,000 away from their business when it is something that they didn't have anything to do with", Schreurs said.

General Motors has told the commerce department that, despite Trump's assertion that tariffs would help American companies and American workers, it expects tariffs to result in "less investment, fewer jobs and lower wages".

President Trump may be in for a star-spangled bungle - if his Chinese-made re-election banners are hit by his punitive tariffs.

Republican leaders across the country have been raising alarm bells to the administration for months, anxious that antipathy towards the administration from base Republican voters would make an already precarious midterm election season more unsafe for Republicans.

"I do believe long term, it'll be better for everyone", Kestel said.

Trump publicly gave those concerns little due.

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"Tariffs are the greatest!". As I travel across Iowa meeting with farmers, they tell me that they want to see a more thoughtful approach to our trade policies, rather than the tit-for-tat tariffs and retaliations that we have recently seen. "It's as simple as that - and everybody's talking!"

While the President also attempted to blame farming issue on his predecessors, inside Republican circles, operatives tasked with keeping Republican majorities in the House and Senate privately anxious.

Earlier on Tuesday, Nebraska Sen.

The US and the European Union will also team up to address "unfair trade practices" at the World Trade Organization, Trump said, listing his long-standing complaints about China such as intellectual property theft and technology transfers.

More information as it develops.

Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, said the $12 billion package provides a welcome measure of temporary relief, but added they can not overstate the dire consequences that farmers and ranchers are facing with lost export markets. "As I've said all along, nobody wins in a trade war".

South Dakota Republican Sen.

USA farmers are expected to grow 14.2 billion bushels of corn this year and 4.3 billion bushels of soybeans, down some from last year but still huge crops. "It's a short-term solution and it doesn't solve any of the problems agriculture has got right now".

Giessel, who grows wheat and corn near the western Kansas community of Larned, said he was "glad they are trying to be doing something, but I don't know when the day is over how much difference it is going to make".