Wimbledon wont budge on World Cup final clash, happy with phone viewing


The All England Tennis Club Boss did sate the final would take place at the said as its done every year despite the fact that England who are now hosting the tennis event stand a chance of making the World Cup final. Richard Lewis, chief executive of the All England Club, yesterday said modern technology allowed spectators to watch both sports simultaneously without causing widespread disturbance.

Fans will, however, be able to follow the action in Russian Federation on their phones and tablets using the tournament's wifi signal.

The World Cup showpiece will take place on Sunday at 18:00 (local time), which is 16:00 BST, meaning it is likely to kick off during the men's grass-court final, which eight-time champion Federer is a heavy favourite to be a part of.

Some 44 per cent of United Kingdom said they won't be watching the Men's Final at all on the Sunday due to Andy Murray's absence from this year's competition.

He said: "It's not unheard of for there to be a ripple of applause or a shout when something happens in the football tournament and I am sure everybody will understand if it does".

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Fans on the grounds of the All-England Club watch the World Cup quarterfinal between England and Sweden on their cellphones.

Who will be tennis" next "Big Four'?

"Saturday was a fantastic day at the championships". Lewis said: "Our attitude is if people aren't affecting other people's enjoyment of the tennis, which they weren't, because they've got it on silent or whatever, or they are listening with an earphone, or whatever, that's fine". It didn't happen on Saturday particularly, it didn't disturb people.

Federer, 36, could be playing for a ninth All England Club title on Sunday at the same time as England contest the final of the world's most widely viewed sporting event.

Asked yesterday if he had concerns about noise from the Centre Court crowd, Federer light-heartedly replied: "I'm more concerned the World Cup final will have issues because the Wimbledon final is going on". "They'll hear every point, wow, love-15, 15-30", he said. "We are a tennis tournament but we are aware that there is something special going on elsewhere".