Warframe port on its way to Nintendo Switch


Digital Extremes didn't give us a date or any other release details. In response, Senior Executive Officer Susumu Tanaka indicated that Nintendo is planning to ramp up their indie support even further going forward.

WWE 2K18, while generally well-received by critics, was universally panned on the Nintendo console, with journalists and consumers reporting major performance and framerate issues as the title struggled on the Switch's limited hardware capabilities (in comparison to PS4, Xbox One and PC).

Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe will launch on the Nintendo Switch.

In the intervening time, Nintendo has made a concerted effort to improve its outreach to independent developers.

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Ever since its debut last March, Nintendo Switch has been a haven for games developed by smaller, independent studios.

Why should I play Warframe on Switch?

"On Switch we've sold many times what we've sold on Steam-somewhere between five and 10 times", Steamworld Dig 2 developer Brjann Sigurgeirsson told PC Gamer of the game's concurrent release on both platforms past year. And now it's coming to Switch.

Having 20 to 30 games to choose from each week (that's around 100 a month, by the way) might sound incredible at first, but this could present an avalanche of problems. And the relative lack of discoverability or recommendation tools on the Switch's online storefront may not help matters, either. You can, as always, check out the trailer at the end of the article.

"Our goal is cross-platform play", explains Warframe Creative Director Steve Sinclair.