Turns Out IHOP Didn’t Change Its Name To ‘IHOb’ After All


Other fast food chains jumped in on roasting IHOb, sparking the Great Brand Twitter War of 2018.

It also tweeted: "We really abbreciate the burgerin" loyalty, but we're back @IHOP again'.

As a peace offering, the company is offering 60-cent short stacks on July 17 in honor of its 60th anniversary.

IHOP announced on Facebook that its name change was a hoax to promote new burgers, according to KATU-2. The name change came as the company introduced a line of black angus burgers, though it has had burgers on the menu for some time.

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderIHOP will continue to sell both pancakes and burgers. "So, we went bold with the campaign".

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Less than a month ago, IHOP revealed the flip flop to IHOb and instantly lit up social media. But the temporary name change drew backlash.

YouGov.com wrote that it was IHOP's highest Word of Mouth score since YouGov BrandIndex began tracking the franchise in 2012. Some fans called the name change "bizarre" and "a nightmare".

"The pancakes haven't gone anywhere".

"Just because we have pancakes doesn't mean we can't do anything but pancakes".

"It remains to be seen whether the buzz will translate to people being more likely to consider dining at IHOP", according to Business Insider.