Mexican Grandfather, 92, Beaten With Brick in LA: 'Go Back to Mexico'


Rodolfo Rodriguez was reportedly doing his routine walk when he accidentally bumped into a young girl on the sidewalk, The Sacramento Bee reported. Rodriguez is now hospitalized for his injuries.

Rodriguez, who is a legal US resident with a multigenerational American family, was reportedly told to go back to his country during the incident, a witness told CBS Los Angeles.

Rodriguez does not speak English, and has not commented on the incident, though family members such as his grandson Erik Martinez have been outspoken about the brutal nature of the incident.

According to Mendoza, the woman in the video pushes him to the floor before grabbing a brick and beating him with it. Eventually he was allegedly struck from behind, hit the ground and blacked out, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

A neighbor saw the attack and ran out of her home to scream at the suspects.

"She was yelling at him, 'Go back to your country, ' or 'Go back to Mexico, '" Borjas said, via The Los Angeles Times. Borjas tried to defend the man, but she said that the woman threatened her with a brick.

He was left severely bloodied and unable to walk, with bruised ribs, a broken cheek bone, a battered face and head injuries, his family said.

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"We are concerned, especially with the type of crime they committed", Deputy D'Angelo Robinson told the station.

A video, shot by a witness who called 911, became national news It also started trending in Mexico, where Rodriguez is originally from.

"I'm just overwhelmed how anybody can do this to a human being at all", Mendoza told KCBS-TV.

Los Angeles authorities are searching for several suspects in the beating of a 92-year-old man out for a walk on the Fourth of July.

The witness said she took her phone out and got a photo of the woman, who appears to be holding a piece of concrete as her child stands nearby. Mendoza asked. "That's why we're still in shock, as you can see he's badly injured".

The family set up a GoFundMe campaign for his medical costs. Sheriff's Det. Carlos Cueva said no one had been apprehended as of Monday evening.

The fundraiser has far surpassed the initial $15,000 goal, with donations pouring in to help Rodriguez. Police are now looking for a female suspect and three to four males.