Brexit row: Jeremy Hunt replaces Boris Johnson as United Kingdom foreign minister


British foreign minister Boris Johnson resigned on Monday, following former-Brexit minister David Davis out of the cabinet just days after Prime Minister Theresa May secured a hard-won agreement from senior ministers on an European Union exit strategy.

His appointment means that all four of the U.K.'s so-called great offices of state - Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary - are held by politicians who voted "Remain" in the 2016 referendum.

"Jeremy Hunt MP as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs", Downing Street said in a statement.

Johnson had resigned, saying the Brexit "dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt".

The Prime Minister was greeted by loud cheers from Tory MPs and shouts of "resign" from the opposition benches as she arrived to deliver a statement in which she said her proposals would deliver "a Brexit that is in our national interest... the right Brexit deal for Britain".

The Brexit white paper will still be published on Thursday despite concerns David Davis and Boris Johnson's resignations would thwart the timetable.

She said: "My concern is that the Chequers' proposal is an opening bid in negotiations and the European Union may well try to erode the position agreed by the cabinet".

"As I said then, the Government now has a song to sing".

How are you feeling about community pharmacy's future now that Matt Hancock has replaced Jeremy Hunt as health secretary?

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Attorney General Jeremy Wright was appointed to replace Hancock as the culture secretary, with Geoffrey Cox becoming the new attorney general.

On Friday, May seemed to have agreed a vital Brexit plan at Chequers with her cabinet.

Former whip Chris Heaton-Harris takes over as a Brexit Minister from Steve Baker.

But the leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson said Mrs May was "correct to accept the Foreign Secretary's resignation".

If she chose to fight, she would need the support of more than 50% of Conservative MPs - now 159 - in the confidence vote to stay in office.

High-profile resignations can unleash leadership challenges in the United Kingdom, and Davis's prompted pro-Brexit lawmakers to demand May rip up her proposals - though they didn't call for her to go.

Pro-Europeans want to retain close economic ties with the bloc and its market of 500 million people, while some, but not all, Brexit supporters want a clean break to make it possible to strike new trade deals around the world.

She said the alternative to the party coming together could be a left-wing Labour administration.