Travis Pastrana triplicates Evel Knievel's most famous jumps


"Thank you for everyone watching, and the Evel Knievel family for coming out and making my dreams come true, and hopefully everyone enjoyed the show". "This was definitely the coolest thing I've ever done". The length was a record 140 feet.

Knievel, who died in 2007 at the age of 69, jumped over 50 crushed cars (120 feet) at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1973 and 14 Greyhound buses (133 feet) at Ohio's Kings Island amusement park in 1975. He concluded the event by sailing 149 feet over the fountains at Caesars Palace.

Pastrana idolized Knievel growing up, and paid tribute to him by wearing his trademark American-flag themed jumpsuit and using a similar motorcycle to the one he originally tried the jump with. The stunts air live Sunday as part of "Evel Live" beginning at 8 p.m. EST on the History Channel.

"I'm jumping a bike that's not made for jumping", Pastrana said after arriving in Las Vegas.

Motorcycle daredevil Travis Pastrana pulled off an incredible triple feat in Las Vegas by successfully recreating three of late stuntman Evel Knievel's most famous jumps on live TV.

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Pastrana's then capped "Evel Live", a three-hour telecast on the History Channel, by clearing the fountain at Caesars Palace.

It's tough to jump over a bunch of cars, but you know what's tougher?

Pastrana said there were some slight concerns with the motorcycle just before he took off down the 200-yard ramp. Knievel managed the jump but failed the landing, telling the 90,000-strong crowd at the time that he would "never, ever, ever jump again" before walking out, despite having a broken pelvis.

"It's not the longest jump but it's definitely the hardest". Pastrana celebrated his success with a few burnouts and a dive in the fountain-it was a scorching 110 after all in Vegas. That had to be hot given that the temperature was well over 100 degrees. And to replicate the kind of bikes his predecessor jumped, Pastrana will do it on an Indian Scout FTR750 - not one of the much lighter motorcross dirt bikes typically ridden in the X Games events.