Officials say Thailand's rescued boys in good health, hungry


Four more boys were rescued overnight after the first four emerged yesterday.

The general leading the huge global effort to rescue the young footballers and their coach thanked the god of rain for his forbearance, as the boys were guided out of the Tham Luang caves in full-face masks - easier than traditional respirators for novice divers to use - during an intense nine-hour operation. Their families were being kept at a distance because of fears of infection and the emaciated-looking boys were eating a rice-based porridge because they were still too weak to take regular food, authorities said.

As rescuers began a daring extraction of the boys and their coach from the cave over the weekend, Musk said he had sent a "kid-size submarine" to the country to assist in the massive rescue effort.

Two of the boys had suspected lung infections but the four boys from the first group rescued were all walking around their beds.

A witness near the cave told the Reuters news agency that medical workers carried four people to emergency rescue vehicles.

Officials said it had not changed the water level in the cave but forecasters have warned rain could continue to hit the area throughout the week. "We know that bats can transmit many different infectious diseases, including things like rabies".

Four boys were rescued on Monday evening following the four who were bought safely out of the cave on Sunday. Four boys and their 25-year-old coach remain in the cave.

The rescued boys, whose condition remains unknown, were brought by helicopter to a hospital in Chiang Rai.

Officials said the boys are healthy but have not provided details on their condition.

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The world football body Fifa has promised the boys seats at the World Cup final in Moscow on Sunday, but it remains to be seen if they will be well enough to take up the offer.

"I can't tell", he said.

Not only is the Thailand cave dive at least 5 times as long as some of the most adventurous cave dives, the Thai cave has extremely narrow pathways that require a diver to make specific maneuver to get through tight spaces.

He said rescuers would resume an operation to retrieve a remaining five people in about 20 hours' time.

Principal Kanetpong Suwan said teachers and students have been briefed to treat the boys normally and positively, not to ask them about details that would remind them of their ordeal, and to welcome all of them back with open arms. The Thai Navy SEALs greet another seemingly successful day with a social media post saying "Hooyah".

The boys and their coach, whose team is known as the Wild Boars, became stranded when they were exploring the cave after a practice game on June 23.

The boys were found inside the cave by British rescue divers a week ago, about 4km (2.5 miles) from the cave mouth.

The experts say if the boys are not rescued over the next few days, they may have to wait inside the cave for months before the rains ease up and another rescue attempt is made.