Gaming addiction is a mental disorder


How will the World Health Organization classification of gaming disorder affect Americans? "However, their prevalence has been increasing to such an alarming degree that we welcome the official World Health Organization recognition as it can help propel further research and provision of services".

The first one is when gaming behavior takes precedence over other activities.

He said most interventions or treatments are "based on the principles and methods of cognitive behavioral therapy".

WHO will be notifying governments that they'll be expected to add gaming disorder to their public health systems. Cases similar to hers, where people place essential body functions such as eating and using the bathroom lower on their survival list than playing video games, are not rare.

Saxena said parents and friends of video game enthusiasts should still be mindful of a potentially harmful problem.

"We are not saying that all gaming is pathological".

Almost 40 percent of those sales are in east Asia, especially China and South Korea.

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Obviously games companies have a vested interest in not equating video games with drink, drugs, and gambling but they are right in that there is both a lack of consensus and detailed study into the issue.

Still, not all medical officials believe gaming disorder is a stand alone condition.

"The WHO process lacks transparency, is deeply flawed, and lacks scientific support", Michael Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association, said in a statement in March.

He guessed that the percentage of video game players with a compulsive problem was likely to be extremely small - much less than 1 percent - and that many such people would likely have other underlying problems, like depression, bipolar disorder or autism.

"It enables us to understand so much about what makes people get sick and die, and to take action to prevent suffering and save lives", WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement as the ICD was published.

One of these centers, reSTART, offers residential treatment for problematic Internet and video game use.

In addition, ICD is also used by health insurers whose reimbursements depend on ICD coding as well as national health program managers, data collection specialists and others tracking progress in global health and determine the allocation of health resources.