Plan to split California into 3 gets spot on ballot


Backers of CAL 3 said last month they collected and delivered 600,000 signatures to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla's Office, surpassing the 365,000 required by law to qualify for the ballot.

Draper's plan would loop the Central Coast in with Los Angeles in one state simply called "California".

A state can not split without the approval of the U.S. Congress, and the president would have the power to approve or veto any vote taken by Congress.

"Cal3 gives them an opportunity to improve the state", said Draper, who argued California ranked near the bottom among USA states in quality of life, education, the tax burden and as a place to do business. A proposal to divide the state into three will be on the ballot in California in November.

Draper's proposal envisions splitting California into three separate states: Northern California, which would include San Francisco and Sacramento; Southern California, including San Diego, San Bernardino, and the Mojave Desert; and California, a sliver of coastline taking in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. He's since updated it to include Tulare County as part of Southern California.

"That is a risk Democrats in California and Washington, D.C., will be loath to run", he said. "Californians deserve a better future".

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"Northern California" would feature Sacramento, San Francisco and a chunk of the state extending to the OR border. It gained momentum as rural voters sought autonomy from their urban counterparts, a common refrain among Californians.

"Breaking the states into three smaller, more manageable states means those states will be more responsible and more responsive", said Peggy Grande, a Cal 3 spokeswoman.

According to the Cal 3 website, partitioning the state would also allow state legislatures to make better and more sensible decisions for their communities.

Draper argues that California has become "nearly ungovernable" because of its diverse economies and population. In 2013 he proposed carving the state into six. The group behind the effort, largely funded by Draper, claimed to have 1.3 million signatures.

As CNN reported, an initiative to break the Golden State into three separate states will appear on the ballot for the November general election.

The state's prison system would require a similar restructuring. The massive wealth generated by Silicon Valley has driven median household income in Northern California to $63,000.