Kim takes night tour of Singapore ahead of summit with Trump


After greeting each other before the cameras, Trump and Kim will kick off their historic summit at the Capella Hotel on Tuesday with a one-on-one meeting, the White House said on the eve of the summit. "If it results in an agreement on getting a process started that leads to complete denuclearisation, that is a major accomplishment".

Most ordinary North Koreans rely on a monotonous diet of rice, corn, kimchi and bean paste, and they lack essential fats and protein, according to testimonies from defectors and from United Nations officials allowed to visit. He added Otto Warmbier, an American once detained in North Korea, "did not die in vain" because his death brought about the nuclear talks. Trump and Kim Jong Un signed a "comprehensive" and "historic" document after their summit, but the details of that document have not yet been specified.

It behooves political leaders and opinion shapers in the United States and around the world to clarify now that something less than the ideal deal would nonetheless be recognized as a major win for everyone.

"People are going to be very impressed and people are going to be very happy and we are going to take care of a very unsafe problem for the world", Trump said.

Trump said Kim accepted his invitation to visit the White House at the "appropriate" time. "I also learned that he loves his country very much".

Earlier, the White House on Monday issued a statement saying that Trump will depart from Singapore on Tuesday.

As Kim departed for Singapore, North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency noted that the objective of the summit would be to share "wide-ranging and profound views on the issue of establishing new DPRK-U.S. relations", with "denuclearization" receiving a perfunctory mention.

Then they dined on beef short rib confit along with sweet and sour crispy pork.

As the hours count down to the Tuesday morning meeting, here's a look at what happened in Singapore and the Koreas on Monday.

The summit will already be a significant PR coup for North Korea, which has sought a face-to-face meeting with the sitting United States president for decades.

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While advisers say Trump has been reviewing briefing materials, the president insists his gut instincts will matter most when he gets in the room with Kim.

Kim was heard telling Trump through a translator: "I think the entire world is watching this moment".

The foreign minister posted a selfie of him and a smiling Kim wearing his trademark dark Mao suit on Facebook.

As the two leaders met, Singapore navy vessels, and air force Apache helicopters patrolled, while fighter jets and an Gulfstream 550 early warning aircraft circled.

President Trump will be staying at the Shangri La Hotel and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un will reside at the St. Regis Hotel.

As the cameras captured the moment, Trump quipped: "Very nice".

It wasn't immediately clear what specific progress, if any, had been made in preliminary discussions between USA and North Korean officials in the run-up to the Tuesday summit.

The more valid indicator of an otherwise symbolic meeting's effect on war risks will be the extent of progress towards a peace treaty, made in more detailed working-level talks, as well as the maintenance and enhancement of communication channels between China, North Korea, South Korea, and the United States.

Trump would be very wise to indicate willingness to offer something in that direction, Perry said, but concessions should be made gradually, starting with a reversible step to establish a USA diplomatic presence working in another country's embassy.