Kim summit: Interpreters have massive role to play in talks like these


Donald Trump has told the world it can "sleep well tonight" as he landed back in the United States following his summit with Kim Jong Un. Pictures soon started flooding social media and here are some hilarious outcomes in the form of memes.

Trump said that Kim and his aides "loved" watching it, and hoped they would make it a reality.

Trump on Monday forecast a "nice" outcome, while Kim spent the day out of view.

Trump and Kim take a walk near Capella Hotel during the historic summit on Tuesday.

Both leaders spoke of optimism regarding their closed door meeting.

President Trump and the Chairman of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, sign the paperwork for a fully denuclearized North Korea.

And he maintained that President Donald Trump's comments about how successful negotiations were with Kim will impact future talks.

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The film drew on the "in a world" and "one man, one choice" framing of Hollywood action movies.

I am a Singaporean now away from home, but I was closely following the Trump-Kim meeting on the worldwide news channels the past few days.

President Trump confirmed he plans to meet with Kim "many times" in the future and held a press conference to close out the summit. Trump had the video made for Kim and personally showed it to him on an iPad when the two met.

The summit - the first ever between a sitting American president and North Korea's leader - was to kick off at 9 a.m., the White House said.

Some analysts have warned the summit could produce more style than substance and Kelly Magsamen, a former top Pentagon Asia specialist, said: "We'll see if Kim actually gives him anything more than superficial pleasantries and some good TV".

Later in the morning, the meetings will be expanded to include the US President's chief of staff, national security adviser and secretary of state. I thought it was good, I thought it was interesting enough to show, one in English and one in Korean.