Here's how Google's smart speaker is getting 'smarter'


Despite Google's claims, Google Home users seemed to have trouble getting the feature to work. Until now, Google Home speakers could understand two commands at the same time.

Now go forth and speak those multiple commands at once.

This meant you didn't have to keep saying "Ok, Google" with each individual command, making everything a bit more streamlined.

According to Google, the feature is now rolling out in English-speaking countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, there has been progress in that it is also possible to issue a shorter version of commands such as "turn on the lights in the living room and the kitchen". In subsequent tweets, the company linked to a help page about the feature, but this only makes reference to being able to link together two commands. For example, you can not say, "Hey Google, turn on the lights in the living room and in the bedroom", since in the bedroom isn't a complete command.

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To begin using multiple queries with Google Home, first update your device to the latest firmware using the Google Home app on your smartphone.

Late a year ago, Google rolled out a handy feature that allowed Google Assistant, by way of its Google Home smart speakers, to handle two commands at once.

Now, users can say something more natural, such as "turn off the lights in the bedroom and living room". For example, "OK Google, turn up the volume and play music".