The Quiet Man Announced For PS4 and PC By Square Enix


It's fine if Square Enix didn't have enough material to put on a unique 30-minutes presentation, but that doesn't mean you should put old footage into it.

Atop this, the grappling hook now has more tethers than ever (i.e. you can tie more stuff together with it), retains the booster rockets and now fires "air lifting balloons" (not fultons, obv) that can be attached to objects. This was an early glimpse, with more information coming in August 2018.

Square Enix has announced The Quiet Man for PS4 and PC, and not much else at the moment. That one comes with a couple of action figures based on the Toy Story world in-game and all the previous goodies. Platinum Games is best known for games such as Vanquish, NieR: Automata, and the upcoming Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link.

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In terms of other games Kingdom Hearts III was exactly the same trailer as shown at Microsoft's media briefing yesterday, but it did reconfirm the release date as January 29.

The video talks us through the new additions to Just Cause 4, the most prominent of these being the extreme weather system. It's all looking very Just Cause, basically.

Are you looking forward to Just Cause 4?