How to play Skyrim: Very Special Edition on Alexa devices


The Skyrim Very Special Edition will be available on Amazon Alexa, the Etch-a-sketch, Motorola pagers (specific models to be determined), and Samsung smart refrigerators, which will bring a whole new level of depth to those trips to the Nordic north. It was pretty amusing, partly because everyone loves to joke about Bethesda continuing to find new platforms to bring Skyrim to and new ways to re-release the seven-year old game. Instead of marching through Tamriel through your Switch or PS4, Very Special Edition lets you play the game through your personal assistant, Alexa.

Skyrim has come to the Amazon Alexa, in the form of Skyrim Very Special Edition - this is not a joke, even though Bethesda treated it like one in its press conference.

We've seen a few videos go up on social media with some players interacting with Amazon's devices, indicating that you can actually play the game on it.

The video clip starts off with comedian Keegan-Michael Key casually sitting on a couch, pondering over which device to play by gesturing toward console controllers and a TV remote.

Screen Shot 2018 06 11
Bethesda Softworks

How Does Alexa Skyrim Gameplay Work?

It already has RPGs Dungeon Adventure, and Shadow Run so why not a dragon-battling multi-threaded choose your own adventure, complete with Skyrim mythos? During a battle, you'll have options such as use a weapon, spell or shout skill. Regardless, it's a fun easter egg every Skyrim fan should give a whirl.

It's not clear if this is really the full game, but it's still pretty remarkable that Bethesda did it.

Not to mention, this joke version of Skyrim is also coming to other platforms, like.

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