'Fox & Friends' Anchor Freudian Slips, Calls Trump a 'Dictator'


Abby Huntsman, co-host of Fox & Friends and daughter of U.S. ambassador to Russian Federation and former Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman, made her remarks live on air while speaking to former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

Abby Huntsman is a co-host of Fox & Friends, the Fox News TV show seems to be a favourite of US President Donald Trump.

Seeming to ignore the headline-grabbing gaffe, Scaramucci answered smoothly, "Yeah, because he's a disruptive risk taker". He headed there right after causing a big ol' scene at the G7 summit, reportedly to impress his possible new ally.

President Trump referred to the summit as a "one-time shot" and Kim told Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that "entire world is watching".

Fox News host and daughter of former Utah Governor, Jon Huntsman Jr., accidentally called President Trump a "dictator". And he won't have that opportunity again.

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"Wait a minute and rewind that dvr", Twitter user Rob Bennett wrote, "Did Abby Huntsman just say 'THE MEETING BETWEEN TWO DICTATORS'". "It's about attitude", Trump said earlier this week about the Summit.

Later, Hunstman said that sometimes on live TV, she doesn't say things perfectly. He can take that nation, with those great people, and truly make it great. That's because, this time, The Mooch wasn't the one to insert foot into mouth.

"I don't think I have to prepare very much".

Later in the segment, Huntsman apologized for the apparent mistake.