Release Date Confirmed for February 22, 2019 - Anthem


Here are the highlights from EA's press conference at E3.

EA kicked off the E3 2018 festivities yesterday by once again hosting their own event separate from E3 in Hollywood. These cosmetics may even change the shape of each of the four Javelin classes but won't actually affect gameplay. Combat missions out in the field will be offered to players after suiting up and making decisions in Tarsis, but it's now unclear how many Mass Effect-like branching opportunities will actually unfold in this Tarsis experience.

Arguably one of the most popular games on this planet, the Federation Internationale de Football Association franchise continues with the latest edition called Federation Internationale de Football Association 19. The team will do this by continuously adding new stories missions and locations to the game after launch. It's a big win for Federation Internationale de Football Association and its fans and the full game will be available from September 28. The only game with a chance to receive as much screen time as Anthem is probably the recently announced Battlefield V.

For Star Wars Battlefront 2, the game will feature a new squad system, as well as a starfighter mode, soon. Also, the game looks a lot like Destiny. mixed with Gears of War.

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Speaking during a brief Q&A during the presser, the team at BioWare also revealed that Anthem will not have loot boxes.

While you can play solo, you will need an online connection to play.

To stop them you'll be able to take control of one of four Javelin power armors. You have to register here, but once in, you'll have a chance to play the Battlefield 5, new EA Sports games and more. The game has a singleplayer hub so that gamers can advance the story at their own pace, surrounded by a shared multiplayer world for everyone to shoot and jetpack their way through.

Moving now to some Indie games, EA has come up with the sequel to Unravel which had a challenging puzzle platform gameplay. Closing out the EA Play conference, Anthem's official release date was revealed: February 22, 2019, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. While the specifics of the gameplay have yet to be ironed out, it looks to be a sea-based game telling an emotional story about how loneliness can turn people into monsters. The game is set to arrive in early 2019.