Yahoo Messenger to Shut Down on July 17


While there is no replacement for Yahoo Messenger at the moment, the company does seem to be experimenting with an invite-only group messaging app called Yahoo Squirrel.

The Yahoo Messenger chat service was introduced in 1998, and was very popular among Indian users then.

It was originally launched under the name Yahoo! It acquired AOL in June 2015, and in June 2017, it took over Yahoo!

The remaining bits of the Purple Palace confirmed on Friday that, as of July 17, the service will be no more. Yahoo recommends that users remove them from their devices as they can't be used anymore after the date. It will be open to the public when Yahoo Messenger shuts down.

"Until then, you can continue to use the service normally", Yahoo! says. There was a time when Messenger meant Yahoo Messenger.

It won't affect your Yahoo ID, however.

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"There now isn't a replacement product available for Yahoo Messenger", the company said, adding that it is constantly experimenting with new services and apps, one of which is an invite-only group messaging app called "Yahoo Squirrel" which is now in beta form.

The app, which was announced in May, is only in private beta for right now and reportedly focuses on families. Apart from one-on-one messaging, the application featured various group chats, known as Chat Rooms.

But some are still having a hard time letting go of Yahoo's OG chat app. This gave users the ability to use the service while on mobile devices.

Yahoo Messenger will shut down on July 17, 2018, the company has confirmed today, marking the end of two decades of the instant messaging service.

Yahoo Messenger users interested in downloading their chat history can do so within the next six months, the company explained, following these instructions.

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