New Apple tools to help parents manage kids’ screen time


Apple said iOS 12 will significantly improve how apps load and other performance features on iOS devices. As a result, the performance of this iOS will be much better.

The final version of iOS 12 lands this fall alongside new iPhones and a new iPad Pro.

For the paid Apple developers, iOS 12 released on June 4. At the end of each week, Screen Time will provide a summary of your usage.

A new setting, "App Limits" will help people decide how many hours they should spend on their phone every day.

"Parents can access their child's Activity Report right from their own iOS devices to understand where their child spends their time and can manage and set App Limits for them", said Apple. Once you cross this threshold, iOS 12 will prevent you from launching this app, though you can always ignore this limit.

The organization also manifolds its commitment to user privacy by introducing the tools to stop advertisers from tracking the Apple device and users from being tracked online. The HomePod has previously only given users Siri controls to bring up songs with Apple Music. And like Animoji, Memoji also has tongue detection support thereby allowing you to better express yourself. Group FateTime is able to link video calls between up to 32 people, beating out the numbers of Skype and Google Hangouts which max out at 25 users.

The Photos app in iOS 12 will take photo face recognition a step further by making suggestions on who you might want to share the photos with, depending on the subject.

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The really good news is that Apple has finally made a decision to bring the Mac App Store up to par with what the iOS App Store looks like.

Finder upgrades were also on show, with a new "gallery view" previewed by Apple.

iOS 12 will finally be revamping Apple's reviled notification system and granting users some ability to control them, including granular notification controls and bundled notifications.

This is another biggie.

The first major announcement at this year's keynote was iOS 12.

All four of these components could go a long way towards breaking smartphone addiction and overstimulation.