Alice Johnson On President Trump: ‘Someone Finally Had Mercy On Me’


This was the scene Wednesday as Johnson was released.

When asked what she's noticing now that she's outside, she said "I can't get over these phones".

"I was like 'you're going home, ' " Kardashian said Thursday, recalling the conversation with Johnson. "You can see that in her".

Looks like Kim Kardashian West's latest wish for positive change has come true.

This isn't Kardashian West's first time advocating for incarcerated women. Yeah, he called my cell phone... But Kardashian didn't want to take too much credit for Johnson's release and acknowledged the advocacy of others who were trying to help Johnson throughout the years.

"The hardest thing about this whole situation is being separated from my family", said Johnson.

The Alice Johnson case is bringing attention to current sentencing laws.

Ms Johnson's commutation of sentence is the sixth act of clemency granted by Mr Trump since he took office and the second one issued after a celebrity had appealed to him.

"I keep touching her to make sure she is real". "She's achieved something for one person in one case".

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Kardashian, who had met Trump several times before he became President, said he "felt it. Why are we here?' We started the meeting", she began.

"We had a huge celebration and that was impromptu of course", said Johnson. I made some very poor decisions out of desperation.

"Everybody was crying and hugging", Scholl said. "Hallelujah!", she added, as the crowd around her cheered at the sound of the president's name.

Kardashian hailed the news in a tweet on Wednesday, writing "best news ever!".

She also acknowledged that many people had worked on Johnson's case for years.

Kim Kardashian West's foray into politics seems to have paid off, with Donald Trump commuting the life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson.

She was convicted on charges of attempted possession of drugs and money-laundering in Tennessee.

According to Johnson, "Only God could have touched Kim K's heart like that".

Johnson, 63, had spent more than two decades behind bars, serving life without parole for drug offenses. And he wanted to make it happen.