New Jersey trooper stops retired officer who helped deliver him


A New Jersey State trooper received quite the surprise last week when he pulled over a man who turned out to be the retired police officer that delivered him 27 years ago.

Trooper Michael Patterson stopped Matthew Bailly for a minor motor vehicle violation on Friday when the two men struck up a conversation, New Jersey State Police wrote on Facebook.

Patterson soon found out Michael Bailly was a retired cop from Piscataway, where Patterson grew up.

After chatting a bit Patterson realized Bailly was the very same cop that helped deliver him as a baby when his mother suddenly went into labor at a shopping mall and rushed home 27 years ago.

According to KYW, Trooper Patterson put out his hand and said, "My name is Michael Patterson, sir".

The experience had stayed with Mr Bailly to the extent that he was able to describe details of the house, and even recalled the baby's name - Michael. Officer Bailly got instructions on how to deliver the baby thanks to a doctor on the phone.

What did New Jersey State Police post?

The chance meeting ended up in a reunion as Patterson and his mother visited Baily and his wife at their home.

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As they continued to chat, Baily asked the trooper where he used to live.

Bailly was pulled over Friday because of tinted windows on his vehicle and was advised to correct the problem, police said.

A Facebook post about the chance meeting has amassed nearly 9,000 shares but the main question on people's minds was - did Mr Patterson issue Mr Bailly a ticket?

Mr Bailly, who had been on the job for four years, was the first to respond to the incident.

He did not get a ticket. The date was October 5, 1991. The labor was so intense that Patterson's father had to carry her into the house.

With help from a doctor on the telephone, Bailly was able to deliver the trooper-to-be.

Needless to say, Trooper Patterson, Matthew Bailly, and both of their families were ecstatic about the reunion.