Canada, Mexico, E.U. Announce Retaliatory Tariffs On U.S. Products


Meanwhile, last month and earlier Thursday, Ottawa also unveiled measures to stop transshipments of steel and aluminum into the North American market, hoping to satisfy U.S. concerns and avert a trade war.

"It's more than highly unusual".

Industry representatives were reluctant to comment publicly, with several saying it was too early to know for certain how they would be affected by the US tariffs - as well as the retaliatory measures introduced later in the day by the Trudeau government. It largely spares USA farmers.

"Canada buys more American steel than any other country in the world, half of US steel exports, Trudeau added". Macron pledged the riposte would be "firm" and "proportionate" and in line with World Trade Organization rules.

Trudeau said he replied that "there was no possibility of any Canadian prime minister signing a NAFTA deal that included a five-year sunset clause".

Mexico said it would penalize US imports including pork, apples, grapes, cheeses and flat steel.

The Trump administration's decision to impose steel and aluminum tariffs against allies Canada and Mexico throws the latest wrench into talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, which started past year and had already hit roadblocks in May.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the president acted on national security grounds, seeing a rising tide of imports as a threat to the domestic metals industry.

"When you get to the border, whatever the value of your order is, you're going to have to have 25 per cent more in cash, in advance, to get across", he said.

Late yesterday, Mr Trump issued a statement about the NAFTA negotiations, saying the days of the United States being taken advantage of on trade were over.

"We should remain at the table as long as there is a table to remain at, and look for a deal in which everyone wins". "Make America Great Again" shouldn't mean 'Make America 1929 Again".

Temporary exemptions were granted to a number of nations and permanent ones to several countries including Australia, Argentina and South Korea.

But now the exemptions on Mexico, Canada and the European Union are being lifted, and tariffs will be collected starting Friday.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel slammed the shock duties as "illegal" and said they risked sparking a disastrous "spiral" of retaliatory measures.

According to Navarro, the president's decision to end the exemptions is not about China or unfair trade but more about defending the US against countries who are running a large trade surplus at the expense of American jobs. The EU move could heighten pressure on Washington. USA trading partners had demanded that the exemptions be extended or made permanent.

But Gary Howe, president of United Steel Workers Local 1005, said the tariffs might actually end up making more work for Canadians.

While American dependence on Chinese imports led to a USA climb-down in the touch and go trade war with China, it would appear at least for now that Trump is being less charitable with traditional United States allies than he is with superpower rival China. "We will defend the UK's interests robustly".

A hefty 25 per cent tariff on steel and 10 per cent tariff on aluminium have been imposed by the USA, but the move has received widespread criticism from the United Kingdom and other countries.

According to UK Steel - the body which represents steel producers across the country - 7% of steel exports, worth £360m, go to the US. "We wholeheartedly agree. We believe the NAFTA discussions should continue as they can be a basis for ensuring use of more NAFTA steel while achieving the objectives of the Section 232 remedies".

Another Ontario city expecting to be impacted by the USA tariffs is Sault Ste.

The duties will have an immediate negative impact on Canadian steel and aluminum industries, forcing production cutbacks and threatening thousands of Canadian jobs. "These actions have thrown all of that up in the air".

The tariffs take effect on July 1 and will last until the USA ends its move.

Prices started rising even before all the tariffs kicked in.

Ross, meanwhile, said that he still plans to leave for China on Friday for the resumption of trade talks. Canada is an even larger cog in aluminum, contributing more than half of the nearly five million metric tonnes that the US consumes every year.

James McAuley contributed reporting from Paris and Griff Witte reported from Berlin.