As Nipah virus spread is suspected, government to compensate victims


However, her husband, who was working in the Gulf, was in no position to back as he had to take care of their little children. "Please. With lots of love".

The team also devised draft guidelines, case definitions, advisory for healthcare workers, information to the general public, advisories for sample collection and transportation and a brief on the Nipah virus disease, the statement added.

Here are 10 things to know.

Two more people who have tested positive for the virus are critically ill, and some 40 people are in quarantine. Some common signs and symptoms of are headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, neck stiffness and mental confusion.

Due to the changes in the mutation of the virus, there aren't medicines or vaccines available to combat the virus yet. The only way to treat it is to keep patients comfortable.

Once infected, before the symptoms appear it would take 5 to 15 days. A total of 209 human cases were reported from Bangladesh and 161 (77%) of them died.

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- Nipah can be passed by fruit bats, pigs and through human-to-human contact. So far, investigations lead officials to believe that the outbreak has not yet spread to other states, as they linked the initial deaths to a specific well that has been colonized by bats.

- It sits on the priority disease watchlist of the World Health Organization. People who survive often live with long-term disabilities and personality changes. According to National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, the drug ribavirin has been shown to be effective against the viruses in viro, but human investigations to date have been inconclusive and clinical usefulness of the drug remains uncertain.

- Nipah is not now in the United States. He is unlikely to have contracted the virus as he has not travelled to the affected areas. The government has directed border districts to submit a daily outbreak report. The hospital authorities cremated her body at an electric crematorium.

After reviewing the cases of all the patients who have lost their lives, the Central High-level Team is of the view that the Nipah virus disease is not a major outbreak and is only a local occurrence.

At least nine other people have died in the Nipah outbreak in Kozhikode, formerly known as Calicut. Intermediate hosts of this instance were found to be pigs.