NDP heading towards majority in Ontario election


With two weeks left in Ontario's election campaign, Doug Ford is refusing to say when his Progressive Conservatives will release a fully costed platform, except to insist it will be before voters head to the polls.

Kathleen Wynne's Liberals are said to be down to 23 per cent, while the Greens under Mike Schreiner stand at four per cent support according to Poll Tracker.

Al Smith, who drove the roughly 40 km from Beamsville, Ont., said it was a "smear campaign", and accused the Liberals of "playing with people's emotions rather than giving them the facts".

She said the NDP would cut $85 million from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, describing them as hostile to the business community.

"The NDP promises a lot, but if you look at the math, the mistakes that have been made, their inability to explain some of the mistakes that have been made, then I think it's clear there isn't a realistic plan coming from them", she said. Still you have to wonder how strong the NDP could become in the 905 with numbers like this.

"So she is saying she would take that tool off the table", she said. "So it's really unclear right now where people are going to land having decided that Ford is not the way they want to go".

"We can not go backwards and elect a premier who is not going to consult with First Nations, honour existing agreements and advance First Nations priorities", he said.

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"(Tory Leader) Doug Ford just calls any relationship like this corporate welfare.

"It's time he step up and talk to Ontarians about exactly what role he's played in these nomination meetings", Horwath said in Toronto on Thursday.

"The difference is, we will begin the decommissioning process immediately, which will bring more jobs to the area - as opposed to the Liberal plan, which is to mothball that facility for 30 years and allow the next generation to figure out the decommissioning", she said.

Wynne has kept a brisk pace during the campaign with several events a day - barely stopping to celebrate a milestone birthday last week.

"Five NDP candidates.have radical and extreme views that do not reflect the people of Ontario", said longtime Tory legislator Lisa MacLeod. "I think it's important that we recognize that Andrea Horwath has, for too long, just shrugged off any transparency and accountability on some of these candidates".

As for the New Democrats, they may be on an uptick now but they have their own stumbles as well, such as Horwath having to apologize recently for a $1.4 billion mistake in their platform due to an accounting error, which while she says she apologized for give the impression that the NDP may not be ready for prime time.