The 'affordable' Tesla Model 3 is still months away


We thought we'd ask our Twitter followers that question this week.

The Tesla Model 3 is displayed during a media preview of the Auto China 2018 motor show in Beijing Thomson Reuters (Reuters) - Shares in Tesla Inc jumped more than 4 percent on Monday as investors were encouraged by the company's placing a $78,000 price tag on the fully-loaded version of its Model 3 sedan. Still, they run about $30,000 to $45,000 less than a comparably equipped Model S. When we report our results next week, it likely won't reflect Tesla's actual order bank for those reasons.

Tesla will begin taking orders for the all-new AWD Model 3 next month and, according to Musk, the company will begin shipping some time in July.

The executive has effectively accused the UAW of orchestrating a propaganda campaign to foment distrust among the workers in Fremont, California, where the company builds the Model S, X and 3.

According to Musk, the new Model 3 Performance variant will be an absolute beast.

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The magazine, which provides an annual rating of vehicles sold in the United States, said even though its tests found plenty to like about the Model 3 and it was a thrill to drive, it had "big flaws".

Tesla CEO Musk claims the performance Model 3 will not only be faster, but handle better than the BMW M3. It does not only boast a 3.5 second 0-60 mph time, but also a top speed of 155-mph in addition to the same 310 miles of driving range.

As for the least expensive version of the Model 3 with the Standard battery pack starting at $35,000 in the USA, the timeline for new reservations is going from 12 to 18 months to just 6 to 12 months.

"Nonetheless, "(It) will beat anything in its class on the track", Musk tweeted. The German sports sedan starts at $34,900, around the same figure as a Model 3 before factoring in the $7,500 federal tax credit. Its top speed will be a slightly lower 140 miles per hour. Cost is $78k. About same as BMW M3, but 15 percent quicker & with better handling. Berenberg has a US$500 price target on Tesla's shares-the highest among the major Wall Street analysts who cover the stock, The Street reports. In fact, that's the ongoing issue with all versions of the Model 3. Goldman Sachs estimates Tesla may require as much as US$10 billion in additional capital by 2020.