Human rights groups decry confirmation of Haspel


Claire McCaskill voted against President Donald Trump's nominee for CIA director Thursday, saying that Gina Haspel's record at the spy agency showed that her "instincts and judgment" were not "in line with our country's moral compass".

Thursday's vote was 54-45.

While Warner claimed that he believes Haspel "can and will stand up to the President if ordered to do something illegal or immoral - like a return to torture", ABC News pointed out that some of the Democrats who stood behind Haspel's confirmation may have had ulterior motives as a lot of them are up for re-election in states where President Donald Trump won in the 2016 presidential election. "On behalf of the Intelligence Community, we salute Director Haspel, a trailblazer.", said Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence.

Haspel may have possibly done her self some good when trying to get Senator Warner's vote as well.

"Due to the overwhelming public evidence suggesting Haspel's participation and compliance with crimes including torture, enforced disappearance, and obstruction of justice, Haspel's nomination is an affront to human rights", Daphne Eviatar of Amnesty International USA said in a statement on Tuesday. "I was not on the sidelines, I was on the frontlines in the Cold War and I was on the frontlines in the fight against Al Qaeda", she said in response to a question from Sen.

Warner's vote also differed from Virginia's junior Senator, Tim Kaine, who voted Nay at the confirmation vote for Haspel. Mark Warner, D-Va., confirming the country's first female Central Intelligence Agency director.

Two of the committee's seven Democrats have said they are supporting Haspel, including Virginia's Sen. Six Democrats ultimately broke ranks to vote for Haspel - Sen.

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In 2002, she was selected by the agency to run a "black site" in Thailand where harsh interrogation techniques were used that a Senate report deemed to be torture.

"Congratulations to our new CIA Director, Gina Haspel!" tweeted the president, who has described her as exceptionally qualified.

At her confirmation hearing last week, Haspel faced sharp questions from Democrats about whether she thought the interrogation program was immoral.

Wikileaks surely wasn't pleased with Haspel's new position, calling her a "torturer" in reference to her role in a controversial enhanced interrogation program that she'd since denounced. Joe Donnelly of IN and Sen.

Haspel, who will be the first woman to lead the CIA, is a 33-year veteran at the agency now serving as its acting director.

Democrats who opposed Haspel's confirmation focused on the interrogation program. Joe Manchin (WV), Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who is battling cancer and did not vote; Sen. Bill Nelson in Florida. John McCain who is now battling brain cancer.