Hamas admits most Gaza protesters killed were terrorists


Along with rejecting the U.S. Embassy move, Palestinians are also protesting to mark the anniversary of what they call the "nakba" or "catastrophe" in reference to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were expelled or fled during the 1948 war surrounding Israel's creation.

"Israel's in a tough situation".

The clashes continued on Tuesday with crowds of people flocking to the border.

Palestinian leaders said by relocating the embassy the United States had created incitement and instability in the region and abrogated its role as a peace mediator. Israel's departing ambassador, Eitan Na'eh, received an uncustomary search at Istanbul airport in an apparent attempt at public humiliation, including being forced to take off his shoes.

One man was moderately wounded by shrapnel, the Palestinian health ministry said. The movement's grassroots organizers have vehemently disputed the claim.

Israeli media has earlier reported that unknown militants from the Gaza Strip fired heavy gunfire from the Gaza Strip on the southern Israeli town of Sderout, where the heavy gunshots had caused light damage to a building in the town.

Hoyer has sided not only with the Israelis, but also with the Trump administration, which on Monday quashed a resolution calling for an independent inquiry into the killings in Gaza. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Guatemala was a "friend" which had also followed the USA to be the second country to recognise Israel 70 years ago. She walked out of the room when the Palestinian delegation spoke. The airstrikes took place hours after Israeli forces came under fire from within Gaza, in which Israel's military said no one was injured.

Israel has come under mounting worldwide scrutiny over the high number of deaths during the clashes that began in early April and climaxed on Monday to coincide with the opening of the new United States embassy in Jerusalem.

Israel regards all of Jerusalem as its capital.

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He also referred to the crimes committed by Israel against unarmed Palestinians and the importance of securing worldwide protection for the Palestinians. It's been the capital. "So this has to be measured not against some ideal of a nonlethal solution, but against Hamas's purposes and what would have happened if they had breached the fence".

Guatemala becomes the second nation to formally move their Israel embassy to Jerusalem.

On Wednesday the Palestinian Foreign Ministry announced the recall of its envoys in Romania, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic because those countries participated in the reception for the United States delegation that inaugurated the embassy. Palestinians hope to gain part of Jerusalem as the capital of a future state.

"The blockade of Gaza is inhumane and must end", he added.

On Monday, Israel was bludgeoned with criticism over the violence at the Gaza border and the dozens of Gazans who were killed near the security fence.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Army released a video that appeared to show protesters detonating several explosions near the border.

But Washington seems to completely forget the term "human rights" when it comes to Israel.

"It was clear to Israel and now it is clear to the whole world that there was no popular protest".

The grassroots progressive organization CREDO Mobile, which similarly has been reticent to talk about the issue to its 3.5 million members, signal-boosted statements on its Twitter page, condemning the Israeli military's behavior in Gaza.