EB Games reveals exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Specialist Edition


A new Zombie rush mode was also confirmed which is a simplified mode for newbies.

Black Ops 4 is a sidestep away from all that.

The new take on the infamous Zombies game mode in Black Ops 4 is a whole new storyline within the Zombies universe that kicked off with Call of Duty: World at War in 2008.

Today's presentation began with a trailer for multiplayer. What can Black Ops 4 offer the genre that these other games can't? Don't expect robots or much in the way of futuristic technology. There was a particular focus on shields, which can be used both for defense and offense.

This will be the most customizable the popular mode has ever been allowing players to create and complete community challenges. Players will assume the roles of characters from across the series as well as characters from the various Zombies chapters.

The usual multiplayer and the cooperative zombie modes also make a return, with the latter bringing three campaigns this time. Because those could really level a playing field if we get multiple enemies in one shot. Players will also find and drive land, sea and air vehicles.

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"Call Of Duty" eschews single-player campaign for even more multiplayer. Featuring a gritty, grounded combat experience, Black Ops IIII's Multiplayer is set between Black Ops II and Black Ops III and serves as a prequel to the game's Specialists and their backstories. Their names are Bruno, Diego, Shaw, and Scarlet. Battle Royale is just a fad and it's a shame to see Call of Duty merely trying to cash in on it.

The zombie mode is celebrating its tenth anniversary with three separate maps called experiences, each with its own story and heroes. Since then, we've seen little details sprout up, including the aforementioned Zombies mode. The mutations will have effects mechanics like zombie speed, health and weapon damage and more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII was revealed properly today. It was also announced that Black Ops 4 will be coming to PC exclusively on Battle.Net!

The PC version will have an uncapped framerate and will support HDR, 4K and ultrawide monitors. Instead, you'll be looking on Battle.net, Blizzard's own gaming client. According to the developers, this map is 1,500 times bigger than Nuketown. Some parts of the map will include familiar areas from previous titles.

Black Ops 4 will be fully integrated with all of Battle.net's social features, including friends lists and the ability to talk to other players across other Battle.net games. It still has the signature controls, and fluid gameplay players have come to know. Unfortunately, there was no actual gameplay shown for this mode.