Wisconsin students pull "best prank ever"


'Congratulation Class of 2018 on one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen.

If you look at the picture very closely, you'll see that it's an elaborate fake scene some seniors put together using a tarp, tape, bricks and part of a auto.

Even officials with the Cumberland Police Department are impressed - as you can see in the Facebook post.

Fans of the prank from around the country have taken to sharing their admiration on the Facebook post, too.

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Four seniors at Cumberland High School staged the elaborate prank on Monday. It looked like the seniors crashed a vehicle into the principal's office, but it was actually an illusion.

Senior pranks are a rite of passage for many high school students across America.

For the finishing touches, the pranksters scattered bricks across the scene of the "crash" and scribbled slogans such as "CHS Class of 2018: We're Bustin' Out" across the windows. "This prank included absolutely no damage at all to school property". Some of the students who took part in the prank even chose to use the prank to promote a cause.

School principal Ritchie Narges told United States media that the scene "looked very, very real". "With everything going on in the world, if you can not find humor in this, then I truly do not know what you will find humor in", one of the department's patrol officers tells BuzzFeed. "If this is the worst thing our kids are going to do, we've got some pretty darn good kids", said principal Ritchie Narges. Great prank! Sometimes things are just amusing!