Florida teacher accused of drowning raccoons during class


Footage from the class shows a raccoon in a metal wire trap being dunked into a garbage bin that has been filled with water.

"I was disgusted. At first, I was in shock, of course, but I watched the video, and it's horrific".

The incident is alleged to have happened at the same high school where a student was left wounded in a shooting last month.

Her son, a freshman at Forest High, said on Monday he was made to stand with his fellow classmates and drown two raccoons and a possum.

A Forest Hill Excessive Faculty dad or mum informed FOX51 that her son took pictures of the harrowing acts with the animals. One of the raccoons was said to have eaten one of the chickens being raised by the class.

In the interview with the WKMG, the mother said the incident made her "sick to my stomach". 'It made me sick to my stomach'. "It's bad. It still does make me sick to my stomach", said the mother, who did not want to be identified.

"When the raccoons tried to come up for air they had metal rods and they held them down with metal rods and when the raccoon would try to pop its head up they held water hoses in its face to drown it", a parent told WKMG, which released a heavily censored clip of the incident in which no animals are visible.

Brewton was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, per the Ocala Star Banner.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission launched an investigation after parents notified the agency, according to FOX51.

"What causes us great concern is that these actions supposedly took place in front of students, so that's why we're looking into it, that's why we're absolutely taking it seriously", said Kevin Christian with Marion County Public Schools.

People who commented on the Facebook post also came to Brewton's defense, saying such actions were necessary to protect farms and keep livestock alive. "And that's how they killed the second one", they said.

"That one's, like, super, super small", one girl in the video says of the animals.

"This man's reputation and livelihood are threatened by those who know nothing about the ag business", one commenter wrote.

"He did no harm he did what a farmer would do protect his animals". Students and staff reportedly raise chickens and other livestock that live in a shed on school grounds.

A third commenter said Brewton is irreplaceable. I think that everyone makes mistakes on a daily basis and he should not be fired because of one mistake out of the 12 Year's he has worked at forest.