The HTC Exodus is a blockchain phone for cryptocurrency traders


HTC's newest phone, the HTC Exodus, is one you'll probably never see vying for shelf space alongside the Galaxy S9, LG G7 or iPhone X.

HTC said it will also launch its own blockchain network, with each Exodus smartphone acting as a node and facilitating transactions.

There's no doubt that HTC's trying something different compared to most other Android OEMs with Exodus, but I'm not sure this is the product that'll revitalize the company's mobile business. The company said that it will offer enhanced security and data protection. The numerous ways in which state-sponsored Russians trolls influenced U.S. politics ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Called Exodus, it will uniquely feature a universal wallet and a built-in secure hardware enclave. Chen will be responsible for all blockchain and cryptocurrency related initiatives of HTC including Exodus.

The phone will also run what HTC is calling "DApps", decentralized applications also based on blockchain technology, with their own public ledgers.

Other Chinese phone manufacturers have announced the development of similar blockchain powered devices soon to be available including Sugar which claims to be developing a phone that can mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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The HTC Exodus exists separately from HTC's main phone business, and it is not the same phone planned for HTC's May 23 announcement.

"The phone is the most prevalent device in this world". Meanwhile, users will be able to interact with their currency wallets through APIs and will be backed by a hardened component stack when they do so.

Heading HTC's blockchain experiment is Phil Chen, the creator of the Vive VR headset.

On Tuesday, HTC unveiled the HTC Exodus - a phone that it's describing as "the world's first native blockchain phone".

HTC has not shared any release date or price of the phone but it has been now listed on its website (even on HTC India) for bookings.