Aliens may well exist in a parallel universe, new studies find


They found out that even if dark energy is hundred times the amount in our own universe, galaxies can still be formed, making up a parallel Universe and thereby becoming home to a life.

But a new study suggests this limit is far more generous than experts once thought, meaning that the conditions needed to sustain existence may not be that rare. The simulation is widely recognized as one of the most realistic programs that has mapped the known universe.

"The Multiverse was previously thought to explain the observed value of dark energy as a lottery - we have a lucky ticket and live in the Universe that forms lovely galaxies which permit life as we know it", saidLuke Barnes of Western Sydney University.

A multiverse, if it exists, could be hospitable to life, according to new research.

"For many physicists, the unexplained but seemingly special amount of dark energy in our Universe is a frustrating puzzle", said Jaime Salcido from Durham University in Britain. The members of the research team were based in England Australia and the Netherlands.

From a long time scientist are looking for signs of extraterrestrial life in space.

They said that it doesn't matter how much dark energy exists, it could be hundred thousand of our own universe.

"We asked ourselves how much dark energy can there be before life is impossible?" said co-author Pascal Elahi, a researcher at the University of Western Australia.

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In general, it is clear that our understanding of dark energy is lacking. Others may exist where dinosaurs were not wiped out, or Germany won World War 2.

The team has published its results in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The multiverse theory was first advanced in the 80s.

The research suggests that if we reside in the Multiverse, we should observe about 50 times the amount of dark energy that we now do. The research does not tend to entirely falsify the Multiverse idea, however, it just says that tiny quantity of dark energy present in the universe that humans live in could be explained better by the help of a natural law, which is yet to be discovered.

"The formation of stars in a universe is a battle between the attraction of gravity, and the repulsion of dark energy", said study author and Durham University researcher Professor Richard Bower. "We have found in our simulations that universes with much more dark energy than ours can happily form stars". Salcido further said that the evolution of life forms depends on a few basic physical constants like "the quantity of dark energy and the strength of gravity".

Researcher Richard Bower of the Durham University said that according to him, a "new law of physics" should be looked for in order to completely explain the mysterious "property of our Universe", which can not be done appropriately by the theory of Multiverse.

The Multiverse is a hypothetical group of numerous separate Universes, including the one where humans reside.