Gina Haspel criticizes "enhanced interrogation" in letter to Mark Warner


Similar language was employed in editorials in both the Washington Post and the New York Times, in which the two leading pro-Democratic Party newspapers opposed Haspel's nomination because she failed to declare torture immoral during her testimony before the Intelligence Committee.

Haspel's letter comes after Republican Sen.

The GOP side of the aisle, however, appears more unpredictable. Sen.

Speaking at her confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Haspel vowed change in the CIA's interrogation operations. The White House has resisted calls for a public apology over the remark.

"I have seen the classified material, which I of course can't get into, but there are other holes in the story beyond the fact that her former boss has publicly contradicted her", Wyden said in an interview Monday.

"As a former SERE instructor & #Waterboarding qual'd resistance team member I can tell you it's about aggression, intent, tiedown, pour technique, rate of flow & other factors".

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee will reportedly hold the vote behind closed doors, which is its traditional procedure.

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On the Haspel front, Mr. Paul reaffirmed his opposition late last week. Rodriguez has said publicly that Haspel knew he meant to take the matter into his own hands and issue the order, because he believed he had the authority to do so.

According to CNN, Haspel refrained from doing so in the public portion of her hearing because "she did not want to be seen as publicly criticizing her colleagues at the Central Intelligence Agency".

"It's one thing to vote [when] John McCain is in Sedona, it's another thing to look him in the eye and tell him you're not going to vote with him", said Senator Angus King, an independent from ME who plans to vote against Haspel, told the Globe.

Haspel was assured of a favorable vote from the committee, which has an 8-7 Republican majority, when Republican Susan Collins of ME and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced they would support her nomination. Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat, told Politico magazine.

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