Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool shock fans with a surprise performance in Korea


Ryan Reynolds has taken on one of his most freaky roles yet - although for once it wasn't a leading turn on the silver screen.

After a glistening unicorn (complete with rainbow mane and shimmering cape) made his way to the stage to sing his sweet rendition of the classic tune, the concealed figure removed his disguise to reveal the global movie star's grinning mug underneath - and the audience appropriately lost its mind.

Keeping himself hidden behind a rainbow unicorn mask and a rainbow-lined cloak, the actor - who made headlines in 2017 by kissing Andrew Garfield during the Golden Globes - belted out "Tomorrow" to cheers and applause.

Following his unmasking after failing to advance to the next round, the audience and panelists during the episode's recording of Masked Singer erupted in shock, and many tried to snap pictures of the Hollywood star. The contestants had no idea which celebrity could sing so well.

Deadpool 2 Josh Brolin
Josh Brolin in-demand superhero villain

Reynolds dressed up as a unicorn, donning an entire costume instead of just a mask. "I'm so sorry about that song".

In the video, McLoughin introduces Reynolds to the 2013 Deadpool title, which Reynolds has never played before.

After the special stage, it was time to reveal the identity of the "Unicorn". "Thank you guys for having me". "This was such a thrill. You guys pushed me to my own limits, and I thank you for that", he said, thanking the panel.

The release of Deadpool 2 is upon us.

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