NHC eyeing tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico


But the National Hurricane Center is watching an area of showers and thunderstorm in the Gulf of Mexico which has a 30% chance of developing into a named storm in the next 48 hours. Early indications suggested it could head towards the northern Gulf Coast by Wednesday night. In summary, South Florida can expect occasional periods of steamy sunshine followed by heavy storms several times a day right into next weekend. If it reached tropical storm strength, it would earn the name Alberto, reported Weather Underground.

This system could bring a half of an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall across South Mississippi over the next seven days.

Rainfall is much needed in central and southern Florida, where drought conditions have recently developed.

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Some heavier pockets of rain could result in some flash flooding, but overall this rain won't be too heavy for too long.

The system has already impacted South Florida, according to Dr. Jeff Masters, who co-founded Weather Underground in 1995. Since this isn't going to be a strong system it will benefit us since we are in need of some rain. Miami had 0.37 inches of rain in February, 1.88 inches below average for the month, and only 0.19 inches in March, 3 inches below the average.

We continue to monitor a big rainmaker over Florida tonight. The National Hurricane Center said yesterday there's a medium chance a subtropical or tropical system could develop in the southeastern Gulf in the next few days.