YouTube will tell you when you're watching too much YouTube


After the update is downloaded, YouTube users can go into the app's settings, and then the "General" menu selection.

There are also two more attributes in the YouTube notifications menu. Video streaming platform YouTube is also a region of the initiative, under that users are going to be able to schedule customized breaks to step off in their online lives for a short time. Users will be allowed to set proper timing of exploring the platform.

The YouTube Take a Break feature is available on the mobile app Setting screen.

YouTube also has a "time watched profile" in the line which is said to provide an insight to the users about their viewing habits. Once you select this feature, you would see a number of timers on the page.

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Now, the YouTube app will alert you if you're binging too much. The reminder frequency can be set for every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 180 minutes.

The fact that this feature isn't turned on by default diminishes it somewhat, on the other hand, people who need t be told to stop watching YouTube aren't the type of people who'll listen to such warnings so your mileage may vary on how you find this change. One will disable all notification sounds and vibrations from the YouTube app for a set amount of time. When you see the reminder with take a break, you can close down the app right away or can dismiss the notification and start watching the video. Once a user sets a reminder for a certain time, YouTube will automatically pause the video at those intervals.

The third feature available is the "Scheduled Digest" and will again revolve around notifications.

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