New Fitbit Versa update could make it the best wearable for women


Starting this week, Fitbit users have access to two new features previously announced by the company. But not everyone's getting them.

The period-tracking data will sit in the Fitbit app alongside all your other data-like activity, sleep, and weight-so you can figure out the likely cause for your burning desire to punch loud eaters and/or eat an entire bag of potato chips.

Along with the female health tracking, Android users do get the upper hand with the addition of quick replies letting Ionic and Versa owners respond to texts and messages from the likes of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Lastly, Fitbit is also releasing new apps and clock faces that all aim to help people live a healthier life. The One Drop app (available now) will allow users to be able to sync Fitbit intraday data to their One Drop accounts to see their glucose data on their smartwatch. Fitbit's new women's health tools, on the other hand, will be launching later this month.

Some of the default replies include options like "Yes", "Sounds good!" and "Can't talk now, will replay later".

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With this program, Fitbit has partnered with health care companies to deliver a variety of new apps to help users manage medical conditions - such as cancer or diabetes - and to improve wellness.

Fitbit users who have identified themselves as a female in their profiles will receive a notification later this month that this health tracking feature is now available. In the future, Fitbit hopes to use all this menstrual data to offer insights about how sleep and exercise impact your period and vice versa.

Women's health tracking, meanwhile, will eventually be available to all Fitbit app users, though it's first rolling out to iOS and Windows users (it appears as a tile on in the main app dashboard).

You can register the intensity of your period, discharge consistency and other premenstrual symptoms like cramps, acne and breast tenderness. There, you can see where you are in your cycle, when your next period is expected and check your estimated fertile windows.

We'll be testing out the new features in the coming weeks, so check back to find out how they hold up in our day-to-day.