Trump Exalts Gun Rights at NRA Conference


He didn't say the name Stormy Daniels, and talk of Russian Federation or potential collusion was limited to brief aside about his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. He stated the following about Trump's presidency thus far.

Pence also touted some bipartisan and common sense school safety measures, like the Stop School Violence Act, which was passed with the support of the families of Sandy Hook Promise and the NRA.

President Trump concluded his speech to the audience at the annual National Rifle Association meeting by leaving them with one simple thought.

"Our hearts break for every American who has suffered the horrors of this school shooting,"Trump said of the Parkland shooting".

Vice President Mike Pence spoke shortly before Mr. Trump took the stage.

The President is a supporter of the NRA, which backed him during his 2016 Presidential campaign. He began by stating that, as Americans, we support the men and women of law enforcement.

"The terrorists would have fled or been shot and it would have been a whole different story", he said. They too are looking to the midterm elections for action.

Trump did not elaborate on how the Second Amendment was under siege.

Trump briefly forgot that he was president. "If this Congress won't protect us, we'll elect one that will". John Cornyn, Ted Cruz in attendance. "You are endorsed. He has done a great job".

But Trump has not championed reciprocity. "He kept calling and calling, [saying] we need more money". You know the feeling?.

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Pence was speaking ahead of President Donald Trump's address to the NRA. "The rights given to us by God, including the right to self-defense". He held a roundtable with Democrats, during which he urged lawmakers to craft a comprehensive gun bill and said it was "time that a president stepped up" to confront the gun lobby. "It might not be popular", Trump quipped. "I mean, right?" The gunmen in the Paris attack wore explosive vests; one detonated when a gunman was hit by police gunfire.

After Trump and Pence leave, "NRA rules apply and people will be permitted to carry", the group said in a statement. "Paul Manafort's a nice guy, but he worked for me for a very short period of time, literally a couple of months".

Trump asks whether this has "anything to do with the campaign?"

Trump also commented on North Korea and upcoming talks with Kim Jong Un. "You know what I said?" I'm not going to use it now.

Trump then appeared to mime a stabbing motion, adding: "Knives, knives, knives, knives, knives - London hasn't been used to that". "Come in and take us".

One of the Parkland student survivors, David Hogg, criticized Trump's appearance in advance. "They say it's as bad as a military war zone hospital".

With public opinion on gun rights jarred by each spike in the toll of innocents, in Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and Parkland, Trump eagerly lent his voice to the NRA's push to keep attention on criminals, "maniacs" and "madmen" as various speakers labeled the killers.

Wow, he got a crowd to boo a former Secretary of State who isn't Hillary! The crowd responded by cheering and shouting USA! USA!

"Come and take it!"

Regarding the Mueller investigation, Trump said "he would love to speak". "We are very disappointed", he said.