Don't walk away from Iran nuclear deal — United Nations to Trump


"If the United States withdraws from the nuclear deal, then we will not stay in it", Ali Akbar Velayati, foreign policy adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was quoted as saying by the state television website.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attends a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, Russia.

Trump has threatened to abandon the agreement when it comes up for renewal on May 12, demanding his country's European allies "fix the awful flaws" or he will re-impose sanctions.

Macron, who met Trump in Washington last week to try to convince him to not walk away, admitted Wednesday he still did not know what decision the USA leader would take.

"When the United States is out of the deal, it means that there is no deal left", Hamid Baeidinejad told CNN on Wednesday. Iran is brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapons programme. If true, it would be in breach of the 2015 deal agreed with world powers.

"The nuclear deal is based on lies".

Iran called the claims a "ridiculous propaganda" stunt, and the latest in the "fruitless efforts of a bankrupt and scandalous liar".

Trump has said that unless European allies fix the "terrible flaws" in the Iran nuclear deal by May 12, he will refuse to extend US sanctions relief for oil-producing Iran.

Earlier today, JOL reported that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged Trump to remain in the nuclear deal, claiming that leaving it will lead to "dangerous times".

Mr Guterres called on the USA leader not to withdraw from the deal, saying that it risked a real possibility of war if the agreement was not maintained.

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"If one day there is a better agreement to replace it, it's fine, but we should not scrap it unless we have a good alternative", Guterres said in an interview with the BBC. "We face unsafe times".

Trump has said he will pull out of the pact if amendments are not made, including a proposal to limit Iran's ballistic missile program, which Iran has maintained is a defensive deterrent.

A decision by Trump to end USA sanctions relief would all but sink the agreement and could trigger a backlash by Iran, which could resume its nuclear arms programme or "punish" U.S. allies in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, diplomats said.

"I don't know what the U.S. president will decide on May 12", Macron said during a visit to Sydney.

Top aides are not seeking to talk Mr. Trump out of withdrawal because he seems intent on it, a second White House official said.

Iran maintains that the missiles it has tested are not created to carry nuclear warheads and insists its nuclear programme is a peaceful one for energy purposes.

Trump gave Britain, France and Germany a May 12 deadline to fix what he views as the deal's flaws - its failure to address Iran's ballistic missile program, the terms by which inspectors visit suspect Iranian sites, and "sunset" clauses under which some of its terms expire - or he will reimpose USA sanctions.

Baeidinejad said Tehran was exploring various responses to such a move from the United States including restarting nuclear activities.

He said thousands of pages of material, have been obtained by Israel which showed Iran had deceived the world by denying it had ever sought nuclear weapons.

Velayati warned against any move to try to renegotiate the 2015 deal.